Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

How to buy an item on eBids Pakistan

You can shop for anything listed on eBids Pakistan. Here's how to get started:

1. Find an item. 

Enter keywords into the search box at the top of any page, or browse through our list of categories on the homepage.

2. Read the details. 

Read the item description carefully. If you have any questions about the item, you can find answers by clicking the Questions & Answers tab in the listing.

3. Review the seller's Feedback. 

View the seller's business reputation by looking at his or her Feedback score, and read the comments left by previous buyers to be sure that this is a seller you feel you can trust.

4. Bid or Buy Out. 

Check the listing page to see what purchase options are available. You can either place a bid on an item or purchase it instantly using Buy Out. Remember, all bids are active until the listing ends. If you win or click Buy Out, you're obliged to complete the transaction.

5. Pay for the item. 

After you've won or bought the item, cash on delivery option is the best choice. You can pay cash after receiving the item. You can also pick up from the seller's location and pay at the spot.

How to Sell on eBids Pakistan

If you are going to start a business or simply want to make some extra cash, eBids Pakistan is the right place to do so. You can set up a seller account easily when you list your first item. To create a listing, click Sell at the top of most eBids Pakistan pages. Please take care of few things which might help you to increase chances of a sale. Here's how to get started:

1. It is a good idea to check before setting a starting price, listing format, and category. It helps in creating a good listing to get the best price for your item/product. Compare your item/product with market price of similar items/products and set intelligent pricing to attract on-line buyers looking for discounted prices. Category makes searching easier for the buyers by going directly to specific category. Selling format helps in determining one time sale of item/product or recurring sales with bidding and buy out options. Always tell the buyers delivery charges before hand to help them estimate the total cost when the item/product will be delivered to their doorstep. You can also provide pick up by buyer option to the buyers to save the delivery charges.

2. To address the buyers' questions you should set up Questions & Answers section. Your chances of selling will improve if you respond quickly to the queries. It maintains the buyer's interest in your listing, saves time, helps in getting positive Feedback when the transaction is complete.

3. To create your listing, click Sell at the top of most eBids Pakistan pages to start creating your listing. Depending on your item category and which listing form you use, you'll have a variety of listing options. You can create an auction-style or a fixed price listing. Listing upgrades such as highlighting and picture enhancements make your item stand out.

4. To become a seller, you just need to confirm your email address (on ebids.com.pk)

5. Once you've got your listing up and running, you can check it to see how bidding is going. You do this from the Sell section of members area, which comes up when you sign into your eBids Pakistan account. It presents you with the control panel handling all of your buying, selling, messaging and store activities from one place.

6. Cash on delivery is the most popular and most trusted method of selling goods in Pakistan at the moment for both the buyers and the sellers. It is recommended to use cash on delivery for all your transactions or you can offer pick up from your location and ask for spot payment for the item after the inspection completed by the buyer.