Entrepreneurship is the only option when there is job scarcity in the economy. Pakistan's job market is stagnant since the last few years. Thus, creating a window for entrepreneurs to fill this gap through creative ideas. 

Entrepreneurship is for everyone who has some basic skills like self confidence, presentation skills, access to wholesale markets and an online buying and selling platform like eBids Pakistan.

Normally one requires handsome amount of money to start any business. But thanks to technology, you can set up an online store for free. You will receive orders in your members area where you can keep track of customers, payments, inventory and shipping addresses. Cash on delivery has made possible fraud-less payment and shipment method.

Women entrepreneurs who are already dealing in replica dresses on Facebook and Whatsapp has now better option to set up online store without spending a single ruppee. It will give them a unique URL which they can advertise on their facebook pages and whatsapp groups for more customers. 

Be it a laptop or gadget, birds or books, mobiles or tablets, cars or bikes, sports or video games, pets or toys, jewelry or beauty products, furniture or musical instruments. Your options as an entrepreneur are quite thick. 

eBids Pakistan has online support available. You can chat with our experts to gain more insights for your first ever online web store. eBids Pakistan will help you buy or sell to make maximum profit.


Live chat is now operational. Please feel free to discuss your ideas. We would love to help you grow your business.

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